A week-long program dedicated to React and its ecosystem for experienced developers

The talks, classes and workshops will feature advanced topics aimed for junior and medior software developers, and consultants. A first of its kind in Serbia!

32+ hours

of learning

8 classes

of lectures and coding

4 workshops

with hands-on experience

15 people

and slots available

When and where

21 - 27 October, 2019

BIT Belgrade Institute of Technology
Nemanjina 4, Belgrade, Serbia

Tech Talks

We value simple content, structure, design patterns, good tools and clean code. We will explore React starting with exploring development ecosystem, tools and workflows. Speed up your React development.

Master classes

Get a booster! Three hours of expert-led advanced content straight to your brain. Expect a mix of lectures and live-coding. Keep learning new things.


Attend one of the full-day (9-17) workshops led by our instructors and implement knowledge on a real project on-site.


JavaScript knowledge is required. Instructions will be sent to attendees in advance.

Lectures & Classes Schedule


October 21st | 16h-20h

Visual Studio Code - the IDE for the web

Developer workflow, (React/JS) productivity tips and tricks

React ecosystem and tools (debugging)

React and Vue.js - side by side


October 22nd | 15h-18h

ES5 to ESNext — every feature added to JavaScript since 2015

We created this master class to help you move from pre-ES6 knowledge of JavaScript and get you quickly up to speed with the most recent advancements of the language. JavaScript today is in the privileged position to be the only language that can run natively in the browser, and is highly integrated and optimized for that.


October 23rd | 15h-18h

React 16 - All The New And Shiny Things

2019 has been really exciting already for React developers. There’s rarely a new release that generates so much excitement and energy as React Hooks. And there’s so much more! In this master class, we will learn about all these updates, plus we’ll take a look at some extra goodies like the new Redux hooks. We’ll do this by building a modern React 16 app.


October 24th | 15h-18h

Structuring and Securing React apps

Being able to secure certain parts of your app is very important. In this class we’ll cover the two most important layers: 1) API layer, the data that the user can read or change. 2) React layer, the paths of the React app that the user can access. In this class we are going to explain how to secure both layers focusing on the client-side of the application.


October 25th | 15h-18h

Styling in React

Styling apps is an important and sometimes underestimated task. Let’s learn how to do it right following the React philosophy. Let’s start by questioning some design principles that have dominated the way we’ve styled websites for the last few decades. We will explore different ways of using CSS-in-JS and switch to the new way step by step.

Workshops Schedule


October 19th | 09h-17h

Starting React development (Beginner)

In workshop we are going to start modern web development with React. Mastering React can get you a better position in web development or help you build that personal project with cutting edge technology. This workshop will get you up and running quickly, and teach you the core knowledge you need to deeply understand and build and design React components.


October 26th | 09h-17h

Refactoring React Apps - Modern react development (Medium)

Your coding habits define you both as a developer and as a human being. By applying refactoring techniques and mental mode, you can improve the quality of your code base, and your life. During this session, we will learn about the connection between your code and your personality through a series of use cases. The change is just a keystroke away.


October 27th | 09h-17h

E2E Testing React Apps (Medium)

Testing it’s a skill that will put you more in demand in the modern web development industry. Test your code, not your patience. Cypress is the new standard in front-end testing that every developer and QA engineer needs. In this workshop we wil explore how to use it to test React Apps


Organizing this kind of event demands time commitment and resources. Depending of type of the ticket, price includes access to related content coffee and refreshment during lectures and master classes. For workshop participants lunch is provided.

Week pass

Access to all master classes, and tech talks for the whole week. 15+ hours of lectures and live coding sessions.



Your option to skip all the talks and focus only on practical tasks. We offer basic and medium/advanced workshops.

basic 60/ medium 90


Week pass holders get a 20% discount on workshops. We also offer a 15% discount for group (3+) purchases.

15% / 20%

Interested in collaboration or sponsorship?

We are open to discussing partnership opportunities. You company logo can be displayed here. This event is targeting only active React devs and unlike many other conferences, not generic in nature. During the event itself, experienced developers can view your banner.

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